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Planning: Parties A'La Carte
Photos: Photography by Avery

Something Borrowed
Something Blue

Cassie and Kurt's wedding showcased how beautifully blue and white colors can be combined. There are a variety of shades of blue that you can incorporate into your wedding flowers. Although blue flowers can be challenging, many options exist, such as Blue Thistle, Hydrangea, Delphinium, and tweedia, with new breeds also being introduced, such as True Blue Mums. Kurt's Boutonniere was designed with Blue Thistle and simple dark greenery. Cassie loved the Panda Anemone, a white bloom with what can appear to be a navy blue center; this combination of white and blue represents the color of a clear sky, symbolizing a relationship free from chaos and filled with devotion. Blue flowers are also associated with open communication and clarity, essential in a successful

and long-lasting marriage.

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